Make India Water Positive

In the wake of the worst drought seasons that India has seen in decades, The Times of India launched the Make India Water Positive campaign. This campaign raised awareness in print and on social media about the imminent water crisis India will face if we don’t take action immediately and conserve water.

The Yellow Compass was brought on board to amplify the campaign online and get more and more people to take the pledge to Make India Water Positive. The campaign was two-pronged. The first was to shed light on the various steps citizens could take to conserve water. Our focus was on research, facts and statistics that highlighted the gravity of the crisis and made people aware of their role in making a change. We encouraged people to recycle, replenish and harvest water. Reduce their water footprint by making conscious choices of product categories and understanding their ways of water consumption. The second was corporates and companies. We approached over 110 companies and encouraged them to fill the form to make their brand mark as Water Positive. Over 200 companies filled the form and the articles were shared by various water conservation pages.

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