At its core, The Yellow Compass was created to better understand the ever changing, ever evolving consumer landscape. With a backbone of consumer research, we have spent years studying, analyzing and deciphering what it is that our consumers look for. Inundated with information, innovations and incredible variety, what is it that lures them towards one brand over another? What is it that helps them make these decisions every single day? What is it that makes them choose?

It is this core value of understanding the consumers’ needs that we bring to our work with brands – small startups and large companies alike. From strategy and content, to branding and design; from digital advertising to video production; from market research to in-depth analysis; our aim is to offer you an end to end service customized to your specific goals. So let’s have a chat and build the perfect avenues of communication for you to reach your end consumer.



We sit with you and listen. We thrash out some initial ideas, to see what’s working for you, what isn’t. Together, we find our starting line.


We take these ideas back to our lab. This is where the abstract starts taking shape. We run experiments, pore over data, and do our research.


We analyse the reams of data collected. Quantitative or (and) qualitative analysis. We look for common threads and patterns, outliers and aberrations.


Based on our findings, we present our findings, analysis and ideas to you. This is always an open conversation, to determine a direction of work.


If what we’ve brought to you finds synchronicity with your brand, your ideas and your brand language, you take a leap of faith, and we get cracking!


Once our project is underway, we carry out regular tracking, monitoring and evaluation to ensure the effectiveness of our strategy.


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