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When you're scrolling through social media, what is it that stops you from your next swipe?

With attention spans reducing, and consumers becoming more and more discerning, design becomes your biggest ally for your social media presence. When it comes to stopping that next scroll up, appearance is everything. And when it comes to brands, first impressions really do last.

As a brand reaching out to a new potential customer, the first step is always stopping that next swipe. Giving your consumer that special something that makes them single you out from a crowd and wonder who you are and what you have to say. That ability to jump off the screen of a social media feed, that would make a person stop scrolling and think, “Oh hey I like that, I wonder what it is”. That, we believe is the goal of every brand. And we’re here to build one that reflects all your best qualities in a cursory glance, and then reveals just how incredible you truly are.

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